Established in the heart of Langhe, Vicino DiVino is a wine networking project that sparks from the love of wine and the places, people and stories that revolve around it. Combining tradition with research, history with innovation, and rootedness with an international feel, Vicino diVino aims at bringing down barriers and connecting producers and wine lovers through places where wine is recounted, tasted and cherished.


La Morra

Via Umberto I, 29
12064 La Morra (CN)

+39 0173 509838


Via Cavour 43
12042 Bra (CN)

+39 0172 1908098

Bottega dei 4 Vini

Piazza Italia, 2
12052 Neive (CN)

+39 0173 677195

Bottega dei Grandi Vini
di Treiso

Piazza Leopoldo Baracco
12050 Treiso (CN)

+39 0173 328068


Prodotti di Langa SRL

Via Umberto I, 29, 12064 La Morra CN

P. IVA: 03636430047


C.C.I.A.A. Cuneo

REA CN-305486